You may have been surprised to find that QuickBooks will not recognize your Credit Card QBO import (whether using Direct Connect/Bank Feeds) or Importing a Web Connect file downloaded from your bank. This happens with my BECU Visa.

Solution 1 (not good!): in your chart of accounts, change the credit card account to "Other Current Liability". Now you can download/import transactions from the bank, but you can no longer use the "Enter Credit Card Charges" in QuickBooks.

Solution 2 (better):
  1. Download the .QBO file
  2. Open it in Excel or a text editor
  3. Find the line <ACCTTYPE>CREDITLINE
  4. Change it to <ACCTTYPE>CREDIT
  5. Save, close and
  6. "Import Web Connect File"
That's really all it takes! As you can see, the file download was programmed with the incorrect account type (CREDITLINE) and QuickBooks refuses to acknowledge that as being anything other than a "other liability" account (which a credit technically is, this won't mess up your balance sheet, but it seems rather hard-headed on Intuit's part).

Solution 3 (best, but good luck!):
Convince your bank/institution to fix their bug.

Hope this helps
- Ron