"Effective April 1, 2017, sales and use tax within the City of Seattle will increase one-half of one percent (.005). The tax will be used for transportation services." -- Washington DOR (This transit tax increase applies to cities in Snohomish, King, and Pierce counties).

To update the Sales Tax: Make the change before creating any invoices or sales receipts dated 4/1/17 or later.
In QuickBooks (Desktop version, aka QBDT), go to the Lists menu and select "Item List". Find your Seattle Sales Tax item (type should be "Sales Tax Item", NOT "Sales Tax Group") for Location Code 1726 and right-click to edit/change it to 3.6%. Confirm that your Sales Tax Group for Seattle is 10.1%.

In QuickBooks Online, click Taxes on the left, then Sales Tax, then click Add/Edit tax rates and agencies. For each local tax, click on it and press Edit to change the rate.

- Please call us if you'd like help making this change.