Northbeam Bookkeeping & Consulting

Sorry, we're not taking new monthly/ongoing bookkeeping clients
However, we occasionally have time for consulting and special projects (catch-up reconciling, data review & clean-up/condensing, configuring and converting to QuickBooks Online, etc.)

Our clients are extremely busy. They're interested in saving money and getting the most efficient solutions for their business. Period.


We are certified QuickBooks experts, specializing in small West Seattle businesses like yours:

  • Company set-up and Quickbooks training
  • Customized reports
  • State and local tax reporting
  • Invoicing and payment processing
  • Bank reconciliations

"I really appreciate how proactive Beth and Ron are. They know how busy I am and really care to keep me on track. They are the best bookkeepers I have had to date (unfortunately been thru a few). I would highly recommend them!"
- Debbie D.


We can also help with necessary, but time-consuming work like:

  • QuickBooks App Integrations
  • New business guidance
  • Business procedures
  • Software training
  • Automation/Efficiency
  • Spreadsheets, mail-merge, etc.

"... They created a procedures manual that is critical for our complicated bookkeeping system. …"
- Diana B.

Why Northbeam?

Northbeam's owners have decades of experience in positions where attention to detail and cost-reduction were, and are, critical.

Part of excellent customer service is great follow-through. As owners of our own business, we find that it's critical to listen to clients and ask the right questions so we can share the best processes/products that will solve their challenges, and whenever possible, save them time and money.

"... They quickly turned my situation around by organizing my books, doing data entry that was over a year behind, setting up a record keeping system and my computer network system to efficiently run my operations. ..." - Diana B.

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