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QuickBooks dates (any date field):
  • press [t] for "today's date"
  • press [-] or [+] to change the date backward and forward.
Sales Tax
  • Ensure that you use "Pay Sales Tax" function after filing your tax return.
  • If you do NOT use this, your life will be miserable and correcting it is a major headache.
  • For the B&O portion you owe, use the "Write Check" function.
  • When you reconcile, remember that these 2 entries total your payment to the DOR.
Mileage Reimbursement
  • Check here for the latest rates
Meals and Entertainment
  • After signing the receipt for a meal, write the names of people attending, including yourself and the business purpose on the back of the receipt. It's much easier while you've got a pen in your hand than trying to remember months later.
  • In QuickBooks, consider creating a generic Vendor called "Meals" instead of constantly adding every restaurant you eat at.
  • Pay attention to what card you're using! If it's a personal card (or cash), note that on the receipt. You can either reimburse yourself or treat that amount as a contribution to owner's equity.